We are passionate to see the South bay saturated with the good news of jesus.

We Exist…

To mobilize Christ Followers to be Missionary Servants in the South Bay.

We Prioritize…

Mission: Caring for people, places, and problems in a way that brings God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Maturity: Pursuing Faithfulness to God’s Design in every area of our lives.

Multi-Ethnic: Reflecting God's vision of a gathered people from all nations.

Multiplication: Advancing the gospel by being church-planting-church.


We Practice...


Missional Communities

Teams of our congregation that form to care for a particular group of people as well as care for one another. Each missional community has a common mission—a specific group of people they seek to love through word and deed together. Communities can focus on their neighborhoods, their industry, or their schools. Others can focus on caring for local refugees, families with disabilities, people and staff at nursing homes, or children in foster care. These teams also intentionally share life together. They pursue deep community to learn to love one another as family through sharing meals, serving one-another, sharing our stories, grieving, mourning, and celebrating together.



Weekly gatherings that prioritize passionate worship, fervent prayer, relevant teaching from the Scriptures, and communion. Each gathering is a celebration of what God has done for us in Jesus and preparation for what God has called us to do in the name of Jesus.



Formal Trainings focused on maturing as a follower of Jesus or being an effective ambassador for Jesus. These trainings include instruction, discussion, and workshopping for personal and practical implementation. They focus on a variety of topics such as understanding the Biblical story, Personal Stewardship, Family and Marriage, Apologetics, proclaiming the Gospel, and other issues and areas followers of Jesus need to process and practice.